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How will you convert your human liabilities into assests by transforming them with acquisition of 2 Top Most Qualities?

As a business leader you might be believing what you have learnt in your BBS or MBA classes that – “Employee are the real asset of an organization”.

However, motivational leader Shiv Khera puts it in different words – Good and efficient employees are the asset of an organization and rest all are liabilities.

So question arises here are:

  • What are 2 top most qualities of an employee for becoming asset to their company?
  • How will you convert your human liabilities into asset?


“Sir, I don’t like doing outdoor visits for counselling parents. I like indoor counselling” – said one of the academic counselor at my clients office during my coaching session for boosting their productivity and happiness quotient.

It’s common syndrome. In fact entire world is divided into 2 parts. One part is happy & having decent gratefulness for what they have been getting from life and second part is constantly crying. This second part always feel that no.1 reason for their failure/unhappiness is not having something which they love & the vicious cycle of failure/unhappiness continues.

This is a mindset issue. It’s time now to train their brain.

This No.1 reason is actually No.1 excuse. Reason and excuse are not same.

After a point, they even start rationalizing this. Their logic is all great personalities have said that they should only do what they love and somehow they are at wrong place or at wrong time due to which element “Love” is missing at job what they are doing at present.

If it is interpreted this way, then two third of population should be jobless due to search of Love in their job after which they become job-ready. However, we all know the world doesn’t go this way.

They Suffer from “don’t love it syndrome” & they feel they are

  • Happily entitled to enjoy pity party
  • Qualified to participate in excuse game or blame game for poor productivity.

Remember, Great minds have also said: LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

According to Gautam Buddha –

“Judge nothing, you will be happy.

Forgive everything, you will be happier.

Love everything, you will be happiest”.

It’s ideal to do what you love, But It’s still great to  Love what you do : 

Loving a job is easy when your heart is filled with gratitude for what you have. You are far ahead and better than thousands of jobless people struggling to get a job in order to make some money for meeting various human needs.

Seeing good in everything is best way to keep yourself happy. Happy mind produces best results. Your happiness is the key to your success. That’s why it is said – Dream job doesn’t exist, we create it. We make our job a dream one.

Second Quality: Integrity

Success without integrity is failure. There is no honest way of doing a dishonest thing. You can be honest by showing others how to do things right. But doing things right when there is no one seeing you is integrity.

I find people talking about corrupt government, bad manager, poor governance, bad policies, bad managers, financial inequality & similar stuffs for justifying their unfair actions. But ladies & gentlemen,

  • No external factors can be a license for your short cut actions which is not fair in value.
  • No unfair practices externally can be a license for you to support your own immorality.

Your action is a reflection of your core values, not other’s value.

  • Commit integrity because you are honest to yourself and a true brave heart.
  • Commit integrity because you know how to convince your mind to resist temptations.
  • Commit integrity because you know that honesty inside will manifest honesty outside.
  • Commit integrity because you have the ability to choose courage over comfort.
  • Commit integrity because a man of integrity can only wish for a world of integrity.

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home” – Confucius.

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No matter whether it is unnoticed or unacknowledged, still be truthful & honest.

Because it’s always between you and God,

Never between you and People.

And by definition of quantum physics, you are also part of same Infinite Energy and hence you are also a part of God.

That way, it’s always between you and God or in other words, it’s always between you and you. That’s why self-integrity is highest form of integrity.

An employee with self-integrity:

  • Would always be humbled and grateful for the opportunity which has been given
  • Would always be willing to give 5x or 10x against the compensation being received
  • Would always be willing to learn new mindset or skill set for increasing his or her job competency
  • Would focus more on contribution through available resources and opportunities instead of lack and complaints due to humbleness and gratefulness

That’s why Warren Buffet said – “When you hire someone, look for 3 things in the person – Intelligence, Energy and Integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.

Integrity is Non-negotiable.

How will you convert your human capital into Asset ? 

We have lots of hiring principle and we apply best HR policies & guidelines while recruitment but despite that, we have below data on productivity:-

  • According to research data, the average worker is only productive for 2 Hours 53 minutes.
  • According to 70% productivity rule, employees are most productive not when they work hard but when work at less intense pace. For an employer or a business owner, it translates to less productivity and higher cost.

This is what I have addressed in most of the business houses where I coached by initiating “Learning & Development” frameworks for daily, weekly and monthly exercises for continuous training of brain. There had been initial resistances but after couple of weeks, everyone participants felt paradigm shift within themselves. They started responding better instead of reacting. They became more open minded with better willingness level for organisational change.

You may apply carrot and stick principle but for a long term shift in happiness quotient, belief level and mindset, continuous training is required in small digestible bites.

Learning and development” is not a one-time event or affair. It’s a continuous process for improving overall workforce culture and productivity.

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