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No.1 Tool For helping you to stop your business worries. Start Business Meditation & build real success, not just victory.

Introduction :-

It’s a myth that you need to be spiritual to practice meditation. There’s another myth that meditation is linked only for personal health at personal place every morning. Again it’s a myth that meditation produces only spiritual benefits. In fact, materialistically, meditation can be monetized in any business environment.

Let’s understand how and let’s learn this new transformation habit today : Business Meditation.

  • Do you tend to worry about how you are going to complete a project on time?
  • Are you tensed about how your sales team shall achieve more business numbers?
  • Would you feel nervous about how to add customer delight to your existing & future clients?
  • Are you worrying about how keep your employees motivated and inspired?
  • Is this a tension about how your competitors can bring new marketing challenges for your business?
  • Are these facts of concerns about how you can overcome the fear of business failure?
  • Would you tend to worry about how you can increase your productivity for having quality time with your family without taking your work back home?

Likewise, there are hundreds of reasons to worry.

Needless to say 8 out of 10 businessmen have constant business worries which is anticipation of fear of failure in various business domain and gradually it takes form of anxiety and then stress.

Are these stresses Good or Bad?

According to Gautam Buddha – Excess of everything is bad.

Small worry or stress acts as motivating tool to take action and make progress. In business environment, initial worry or stress acts as motivation to:-

  • Plan about how to achieve the business objective by removing roadblocks or challenges
  • Execute the plans in most feasible manner
  • Evaluate the feasibility of plan to check if re-planning is needed

And both above actions – mental & physical, creates the pathway for progress and this is how we manage STRESS initially for our benefits, even though we do these unconsciously.

However situation becomes totally different when prolonged stress starts managing a business man. Immediate negative impacts are:-

  • A stressed business man takes decision out of ego or to avoid failure, instead of capitalizing opportunity with long term perspective.
  • A stressed business man is always short of energy, passion or excitement which is required for executing the plan with a winner’s mind-set.
  • A stressed business man will have zero or less resilience if an initial plan doesn’t work out and brings more agony and further Stress.

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Gradually these prolonged stress starting from mental disturbances cascades down to behavioral disturbances and eventually to physical disturbances. Due to Flight or Flight response mechanism getting activated, more stress hormones “Cortisol” level goes up. Anxiety starts, sugar level increases and deposition of fats becomes faster. Blood pressure, fatigue, sleeping problems, muscle weakening etc are immediate symptoms which if prolonged without checking it, it invites heart attack and cancer also along with hosts of diseases.

So this sets the platform for your immediate shift of attention towards Business Meditation or Business Mindfulness, which are efficient tools to manage Stress to the level that it doesn’t control us.

Psychology behind Business Meditation :

In an experiment, mice subjected to 2 hours of silence everyday developed new cells in the hippocampus, a region of the brain associated with memory, emotion and learning. You might be thinking, how this information is connected to us and our better way of living? Yes, this information is useful. Our brain size is much bigger than brain of mice.

When 2 hours of silence per day can affect mice so positively, think of the positive effect a human can have if moments of stillness is practiced every day. Being present in body is extremely important. Living in now is secret to peaceful life.

According to world famous spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle – “All negativity is caused by accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. All forms of non-forgiveness like guilt, regret, sadness, bitterness etc are caused by too much past and not enough present.”

All forms of fear like unease, tension, anxiety, worry etc are caused by too much of tension about  future and not enough present.

How to Do Business Meditation & It’s Positive Impacts :

  • Observe your thoughts and try to find the source of thoughts.
  • Find your breath and try to live some moments of now.
  • Live more in Present .
  •  And enjoy the power of Now.

Your stress is connected to Unknown about future, your present moment is stress free. Remember, you have the stillness within you, beyond all kinds of chaos.

After my 28 session program on “Stress Management in Business Environment through Meditation”, most of the business leader, entrepreneur, senior executive feel a shift in their “stress paradigm”. They realize that Stress is not the cause of their unhappiness; rather their unhappiness is the root cause of their stress. In business, progress is happiness and we should focus on progress.

All you need to have is one 7-10 minute session during lunch break or tea break for 30-60 days without you having any physical posture of Yoga. You can do it sitting comfortably at your office chair.  This complete meditation of 7-10 minutes, either once or maximum twice during your business hours can give many business benefits:-

  • You become conscious and more aware at present which won’t allow business worry to start managing you.
  • Your happiness hormones shall help you to create positive aura with your team or with your clients.
  • Your business decisions shall not be based on fear but on real opportunities, so your quality of business plan improves.
  • Your resilience level will go up after setback and shall be useful to inspire your team as a business leader.
  • You will be mentally, physically and psychologically more healthy and this shall boost your business health also due to your high energy and excitement while executing your plans.
  • Your work productivity increases and give you more time to spend with your family
  • Your empathy gets the boost since you start focusing on strengths and opportunities and this makes you a very good leader while managing your own self or your team

Conclusion :

So, it’s rightly said that if you can do something about a problem, what is the use of worrying and if you cannot do anything about a problem, what is the Need of worrying. Nevertheless, we have lots of uncertainties in our business place and there are hundreds of reasons for a stressed business environment and hence Business Meditation becomes unavoidable. Start practicing Business Meditation and improve both your personal and your business health.

Remember, Health is the biggest Wealth. So, kill your fear since fear is not an option when you are a Business Leader or An Entrepreneur.

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