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You are unique and special. You are one piece masterpiece. A limited edition.So is your business.

Your business demands best version of you in terms of mindset, skillset and action set and it’s no wonder that everything starts with finding your true PURPOSE and your greatest WHY?

Famous Business tycoon, Azim Premji (Wipro Chairman) once said – “If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are not big enough”.

In fact, Les Brown taught us – “Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit”.

And these legends provoke us to do brainstorming on how to set BUSINESS GOALS which are reflection of a champion’s mindset, a winner’s mindset, a warrior’s mindset because your business do deserves a rock solid, timeless and incredibly powerful frame work for setting your vision and goals.

We have been grown up reading and listening SMART goals which are based on S.M.A.R.T. principles but numerous researches and studies proves that not more than 8% people achieves their goals in their life. Even in sales environment, more than 50% fails to achieve their sales goals.

So, S.M.A.R.T. goals are not enough. We need S.M.A.R.T.E.S.T. goals.

SMART goals may not be enough for your business. Go for SMAREST goals. You shall discover all the missing links from SMART to SMARTEST when your goals are set and followed using below frame work.

SMARTEST goals have higher success elements and your business deserves to succeed. Let’s uncover the missing links in details.

  • S     – Specific
  • M   – Measurable
  • A    – Ambitious
  • R    – Relevant
  • T    – Time bound
  • E    – Empowering
  • S    – Synergically Sharable
  • T    – Trustworthy

S – Specific:

Clarity breeds focus and focus breeds concentration. This is the most important foundation on which entire goal rests. Goal should be specific in terms of what exactly you are looking for. There is no compromise in specifications. It should give complete clarity on what exactly be your focus points. Clarity is non-negotiable and if a goal doesn’t give 100% clarity, goal must be re-worked and re-defined before you move further.

M – Measurable:

Your goal should be measurable. Anything which is measurable can be monitored and this is the fundamental principle behind measurable goals. This also means your goal is actionable and you can measure your actions by monitoring it periodically. Measuring a goal gives you freedom to be sensible enough to adjust the size or the direction of effort being put so that you make progress at reasonable speed. You can review the progress and progress always brings happiness in any personal or professional milestones. A goal which cannot be measured cannot trigger right action sets. Once you graduate on finding your right effort size, speed and direction, the goal can be made scalable to 3x, 5x or even 10x or even beyond this.

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A – Ambitious:

Your goal should be ambitious which means it should contribute in your personal growth in your definition. We grow only by outperforming our own selves, our own past achievements. We are our biggest competitors. Goals which are being influenced by others and which doesn’t add value in your own sense of accomplishment taking you to next level are not ambitious goals. Ambitious goals has an element of sense of contribution and accomplishment by becoming better a better version and by having constant transformations for becoming who you actually need to be in order to achieve your goals. Hence any goal which provides you the opportunity to stretch yourself with at least 25% to 50% risk in achieving it should help you to outperform your past result and you shall evolve better and stronger.

R – Relevant:

Your goals not only should help you to grow but it should be linked to your company’s vision and should be a contributing factor in your team’s or vertical’s larger goal. This is extremely important because it adds a PURPOSE which is bigger than just you. Achievement becomes satisfying only when it serves the larger purpose of contribution. You grow only by giving more, contributing more. This way you become more likeable and popular in your team and when this happens, your business growth becomes very enjoyable. This relevancy factor encompasses not only you but also your team and your company and that’s why, this is extremely valuable.

T – Time bound:

Most of the time, you are trading your time and skill against money. Your goals demands attention and to be treated with priority. Every good thing comes to an end and everything has a expiry date. So there must be a finishing timeline for your goals. And all your mindset, skill set and action sets are channelized in such a manner that you achieve your goal within a stipulated deadline. Time bound goals brings more focus and creativity out of you. Your authority and expertise is measured how fast you are able to achieve a goal. Faster you do, heavier the PAY CHEQUE you can draw.

E – Empowering:

This can be game changer. Empowering goals are self-motivating. You are inspired to move forward despite difficulties and challenges. The best way to set empowering goals is have soul based goals instead of ego based goals. Ego based goals are based out of fear but soul based goals are based out of love and passion. Empowering goals requires empowering beliefs and this is how you rise above your limiting beliefs.

S – Synergically Sharable:

Goals which cannot be shared cannot bring commitment and without commitment, you will only be following your goals till it is convenient to you. Shared goals develops accountability and brings your commitment towards others and that pushes you to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. Furthermore, when your goal is shared synergically within yourself, then what you do, what you say, what you feel and what you think are in harmony with each other and this way the quality of your energy vibrations that comes out of you while you are pursuing a goal is at it’s optimum level and you attract back similar frequency of higher quality. You attract what you give and you give based on what you are. So synergy within self is extremely important. The word of caution is that goal should be worthy enough to be communicated to your team or senior or someone who actually want to see you growing. Hence sharing the goal with right or inspiring mind is to be taken care of.

T – Trustworthy:

Goals should be trustworthy and the most important reason is that when you trust someone or something, you start believing. Not only this, while setting goals, you must trust yourself that goals are attainable. How you attain it comes later but the first you must trust yourself and your goal before you start working on HOW? You manifest not what you think, but what you believe and hence trust worthiness is non-negotiable. If you don’t trust that your goals are attainable, develop the trust and deservingness before you start working on HOW?

Remember, you are an entrepreneur or a business leader and you may have one or many business goals connected to communication, efficiency, productivity, work culture, leadership, sales revenue, company profit and so on and when you apply SMARTEST goal setting principles, you have higher chances of achieving both victory and success.

Yes, it is sad that all wins may not be called as success. Winning becomes success only when winning becomes fun and improves overall happiness quotient of your team members too.

Happy minds produces best productivity and in fact, happiness is the new productivity in any business environment. I got the opportunity to transform many businesses and every visible and tangible results were achieved by setting intangible and invisible goals in SMARTEST way at beginning. Every person is unique with unique strengths, so it requires special training of brain to be able to set goals in SMARTEST way in a business environment.

In today’s cutting edge business environment, as a modern entrepreneur, you require SMARTEST strategies in not just setting goals but also planning, execution, tracking and review.

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